The CANEY CREEK Motion Picture Project:

We are currently searching for proper financing of this motion picture project. If interested email the Executive Producer CLICK HERE

WoodSongs, Inc. is an IRS approved, non-profit organization whose mission is to use the multi-media arts and music in educational and entertainment formats. Our most recent success is the film “Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau” broadcast into 75M USA TV households, 521 public radio stations and in schools with a lesson plan across north America.

Our new goal is to turn the story of Alice Lloyd into a major independent motion picture for national release, broadcast television and for use in thousands of schools on DVD with an attached lesson plan (American history, English, music, mass communications, literature, Women’s studies, Appalachia).

Why do it this way and not work with a movie studio? Because we can’t see taking Alice’s story, her life of sacrifice and giving, and turning it over to a studio for profit. Alice’s story belongs solely to the children of Appalachia.

Our plan is to produce the motion picture, distribute the film to theaters, television networks, cable channels and released on DVD to schools with a lesson plan, and assign the proceeds to the Appalachian Independent College Association, to administrate a special “Alice Lloyd Fund,” created in Alice Lloyd’s memory. This fund will pay the work-program/tuition costs on behalf of financially struggling students, enabling them to attend the Kentucky college of their choice.

Financial Plan and the “Alice Lloyd Fund”:

The “Caney Creek” motion picture will need a working budget of $12.5M (this includes marketing). To raise the budget, we propose either a direct donation to our 501-c-3 to produce the movie OR an Investment Return Plan that will potentially allow sponsors and underwriters to be attached to the project at no eventual cost.

For example:

1. 100% of the first profits generated is returned to the sponsor.

2. After underwriters have their investment recouped the next 100% is assigned to the invester until  30% profit is reached

3. After the investment group reaches 100% return plus 30%, the remainder is split 10-90% with the bulk going into the “Alice Lloyd Fund” as described. This fund will help pay for the college tuition of deserving Appalachian student, in effect continuing the work of Alice Lloyd.

For more information, a review copy of the “Caney Creek” script or to discuss participation contact: 859.255.5700

Endorsed by the Kentucky Humanites Council, click here for PDF letter